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Zhejiang Jiashan Roncan Slide Bearing Company


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  • Contact:Mr.Liu Feng
  • Phone:0551-62864156-606

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We are speacialized in all kinds of oilless bearings, The mainly products: RCB-10 (DU, DU-B, PAP081010 P10, PCM 060806 E) self-lubricating bush, RCB-20 (DX) boundary lubricating bush, RCB-80 bimetal bearing, FB090&FB092(FBB090, BK090, WB802, WB702, BMT10) wrapped bronze bearing, FZ steel ball retainers, RCB650 (JDB500, SOB, SPB), and wear plates, solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing, FD PTFE straps, FR PTFE soft strapped bearing, and sliding bearing, guide bushes, mold components, die set, wear plates. Ect. Ten series of products, Tour mainly export is Janpan, Kereo, Singapore, Insdia, Taiwan, Newzealand, Spain, Itlay, Swithzland and so on.

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